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Today quantification is King. If it can be measured, counted, calculated, or assigned a number, our culture accepts those numbers as truth. Balance is needed between quantification and qualification. Regain and acknowledge the immeasurable! Wisdom, passion, faith, love, and idiosyncrasy are my guides, and they tell me truth is contextual. These recent works illuminate the clash between a quantification-enamored society and those of us who value the immeasurable. Try and measure me? I will evolve. Try to number me? I will say my name. We are more than the sum of our tangible parts, we are revolution.

As mass of constantly changing cells, of synopses that build and break and build again, our biology beckons evolution. We are turbulence and fluidity. I am not the same person now...or now...or now. These works celebrate our innate ability to constantly evolve even in a social environment which values sameness, consistency, medians, averages, and all guises of quantification.

Is it information over wisdom?

Everything with which we come into contact provides us an opportunity to learn. We must extract meaning and knowledge from our experiences. Value wisdom over information. Some say “information is power”...maybe so, but I want to live in a world where wisdom is power. Then we may hopefully advance to the next level of awareness, acceptance, and appreciation. May we not drown in an ocean of information.

How to learn?
Individuals and cultures need guides, people who see what is important and who can distinguish the lesson from the data. These guides have washed the board clean of superficial concerns, seeing more clearly the times in which we live. If we look within for guidance, there may be "special messengers" there. These messengers may be afflicted, hidden, or even destructive, but they are there for a purpose, and will help us find our way through this life.

This is the intent: To learn the lessons of this life.

Quantification is King