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Mr. Brink visited on September 18, 1999. Though he did not take notice of my presence, I was there, witness to his destruction. In truth, he was kind and ruthless at once, never hesitating to complete his task, following a calendar only known to him. I only see him now on the news, but I know we will meet again many times.

He is the leader of a nation, bigger than any nation, without banner or anthem. His endeavor is rarely foiled, and never for long. Always victorious, sometimes with great spectacle, sometimes with quiet resolve, he attends our lives waiting.

Now Mr. Brink, stay away from mine until the fruit has ripened and fallen from the tree.

Everyone will pay head to Mr. Brink eventually, and he will look different every time. He is a busy man, but always keeps his appointments.

Mr. Brink